Enchanted Vision

Is a woman-owned, woman-centric business, curating the best in local art, jewelry, apothecary & more, and bringing them from Las Cruces, New Mexico to you anywhere in the world.

I also work with artists and with women-owned and women-centric businesses in Las Cruces, New Mexico to increase their social media following and online presence in order to enable them to reach a wider audience, ultimately increasing local business and feeding our Las Cruces economy.  Meet my clients.

If you are a local artist, or feel called into collaboration with me, please email me.  While my main focus is on empowering and uplifting women, I very much appreciate the male perspective, and welcome you as artists, clients, and collaborators, as well. I love you. 

I contribute 10% of all profits to La Casa, a domestic violence protection service for women, men, and children here in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  Please consider visiting the La Casa website and becoming a guild member.