Enchanted Vision Consulting testimonial from Lea Solaris Cesani

I've been working with Lea Solaris Cesani of Star Solaris and the Star Sisters Collective as business consultant for about three weeks. She's already seen significant increase in traffic to her website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel.  In addition, Lea now has a broader view of the income potential of her business, and is exploring many new channels of passive income.

Lea is a dream client, because after discussing a specific business goal, pricing it out, and deciding on timing...she gets right to work implementing.  Lea has a 4-year business degree from New Mexico State University, and it shows in her total lack of fear in trying new things, and in her ability to grasp new concepts, research on her own, and put knowledge into practice. It's been amazing to see her growth over just the last few weeks.  I predict that in 6 months, she'll have increased her social following by 600%, minimum.

Fast-growth concepts that Lea has implemented include directed use of SEO across all of her social platforms, diversified product offerings at new (higher) price points bringing in more revenue from a wider audience, development of a Content Marketing strategy, and even more fast tricks that really are proving to show dramatic results.

Here's Lea's testimonial about our work so far:

As a female sole proprietor/entrepreneur, my business was still in it's infancy. In a short year, I had achieved an impressive amount of success on my own yet I knew intuitively that I needed to strengthen my business presence.

From the very start I knew that Stefanie was the real deal. Without a doubt she is an expert in her field. Her high degree of expertise and professionalism is beyond impressive. With laser focus she was able to instantly zoom in and identify for me the key areas I needed to be focusing on for growing my business and communicate clearly to me the steps I needed to take to get results. 

Working with Stefanie has taken my quality and branding to the next level. Her keen eye for design and guidance on my online marketing and media approach has increased my online status tenfold. 

Choosing Stefanie as a consultant was the best decision I have made yet for my business. Her insight has provided exactly what I needed to break through those barriers that have kept me in a 'small business' frame of mind. 

Thanks to Stefanie my business and income is now growing exponentially, because she gave me the tools I needed to get there.  

Forever Grateful,
Lea Solaris Cesani

Reiki Master