Meet Ceramicist Eric Brown


I took a studio visit to Eric Brown's house today. He's a Las Cruces-based ceramicist/ potter, and soon Eric's work will be available online exclusively through Enchanted Vision.  

Over the next two weeks, I'll be filming Eric in his studio making and talking about the very special pieces that I've commissioned for you.  I've also decided to work with Eric as a consulting client.

Mr. Brown used to have a bustling business teaching workshops and having events, and then life got in the way.  I know he wants that "joy from hard work" feeling back in his life.

He's been bogged down with the desire for people to see the beauty in some specific pieces that he's made. He'd like to sell them.

My recommendation is for Eric to start getting that money energy flowing by first selling some smaller pieces. Start the energy exchange, and then it will build and build.

It's my goal for Eric to see an increase in income from his more unconventional pieces, starting with small ones, and then we'll go from there.